Midnight Folly

PDF-file by Phyllis Taylor Pianka

Midnight Folly PDF ebook download She'd make him pay for his pleasures!
Anne, alone in the world but for her friend Lillian, was determined to lead a rich and independent life. So when Lillian said she was going to England to find the father of her daughter, Sarah, Anne went too. The inherited cottage on the Cornish coast was just the place for her new life. — But fate prevented Lillian's reaching England, and Anne's reaching her cottage. Suddenly, Anne found herself the guardian of young Sarah, and searching for the child's father, the Duke of Lyonswood.

As if Anne hadn't problems enough, the arrogant, deceitful duke disclaimed his daughter and accused Anne of trickery!

Anne knew he was King ... just as sure as she knew that, tragically, she loved him ...

eBook Midnight Folly

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