The Haunted Piano

PDF-file by Steve Taylor

The Haunted Piano PDF ebook download "The Haunted Piano"-A piano with strange powers comes between two lovers whose sex life is waning and relationship is falling apart. "The Nature of Fire"-A young man communicates with a restless spirit and discovers the secret of the specter's violent death, and what happens when the living and dead try to touch.

"The Devil Knows His Own"-Mysterious rites of a backwaters Fundamentalist Baptist Church haunt a young man as he experiences love for the first time.

"Losing My Religion"-The discovery of an early Christian painting in Rome and a meeting with a vampire provoke a crisis of faith for a young seminarian.

"Grope"-The erotic exploits of an S/M back room hold a dark spell over a young doctor by night, affecting his personal life and profession by day.

"Last Date"-A broken-hearted young man decides to give himself over to suicide by being a serial killer's final victim.

eBook The Haunted Piano

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