Extraordinary People (Enzo Files, #1)

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Extraordinary People (Enzo Files, #1) PDF ebook download Competently written, but full of the improbable leaps of logic that bedevil a lot of wilder detective fiction. The premise is completely mad and entirely too much of the book is spent on computer searches and long descriptions of shapely graduate students clicking things whilst oversized Scotsmen galumph about discovering precisely the right clues. It sort of worked when Sherlock Holmes could condemn a man to death on the basis of his trouser cuffs and then force a confession by sheer weight of character, but it's less convincing when Enzo seems to know exactly which stretch of French sewer to search on the basis of a blurry photograph of a medal. The book would also be completely impossible in a world in which criminals were not compelled to leave full confessions in the substance of their crimes.

eBook Extraordinary People (Enzo Files, #1)

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