The Golden Hawk

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The Golden Hawk PDF ebook download I have been guilty of complaining of a lack of action in some of the recent books I have read.Well, such was not the case with this adventure tale from Frank Yerby!We reel fantastically from one harrowing scene to the next, while all along there is an underlying tension of love, family, and honor.What a ride!

Kit is a buccaneer without equal in his skill and good looks.He and his giant pal Bernardo sail the Spanish seas until one day the encounter a beautiful lass Rouge who unwillingly captures kit's heart, hook line and sinker.They are, of course, separated and kit searches the seas for her.In so doing he runs into his mortal enemy and kidnaps his fiancé, who is ethereally beautiful - and thus kit is conflicted!We also come to learn some shocking things about kit's mortal enemy Don Luis that surely cannot be revealed here.

All told, it was a rollicking good tale, with action, adventure, and humanity.Yerby knew what he was up to!

eBook The Golden Hawk

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