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SCARECRONE PDF ebook download There's something really contrary about these poems. They're completely selfish, but incredibly giving and generous; they're hopeless but find a way to see hope; they are godless but filled with "god"; they are scary but comforting;they tell you you're on your own but are nurturing; they will rip your heart out but love you as well as—if not better than—anyone else; they want nothing and they want it all. Your "soft dick" is shit to them, "holy shit;" they will help "your softshitdick / reach a miracle dimension."

This, for me, makes it very easy to conflate the speaker with the poet. But that's part of what's so amazing about them. Like life itself, you can't tell where the fiction ends and the reality begins (or vice versa). It's like that thing Whitman said, except updated: "this is no book;/ Who touches this touches a [woman]."

Wait. That sounded kinda rapey. Sorry. What I mean is, read this book. It will be good to you. It will fuck with your head. It will "make your heart loud." Shit don't get any realer than that.


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