Lost Love, Last Love (Morgan-Challenger, #4)

PDF-file by Rosemary Rogers

Lost Love, Last Love (Morgan-Challenger, #4) PDF ebook download THE FEVER! THE FIRE! THE ECSTASY!
Theirs was a love that could never be tamed, yet the whims of fate and their own reckless desires were destined to tear Virginia Brandon and Steve Morgan from the rapturous heights of reuinion - and carry them to opposite ends of the earth.

Through the fiery tumult of the Cuban Revolution to the lush prison of a Sultan's harem, across burning desert sands and Europe's most provocative boudoirs, the lovers pursue their separate fates.

Until, in a mounting tide of restless longing, the sweet fires of their exalted love draw them closer, burning brighter, across time, across worlds — in the ultimate marriage of lust and love!

eBook Lost Love, Last Love (Morgan-Challenger, #4)

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