The Sunshine Crust Baking Factory

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The Sunshine Crust Baking Factory PDF ebook download "Wakefield...draws on personal experience for this colorful and entertaining depiction....the sentiment of the nomadic community in New York in the '90s comes alive through historical references and Sid's journey as she forges a network of like-minded individuals."
Publishers Weekly

"A book that Wakefield's characters would love."
Kirkus Reviews

"Stacy Wakefield reminds us again that whatever macho shit boys do, girls can do better."
Karen O, singer, Yeah Yeah Yeahs

"Stacy Wakefield covers a rarely documented time in American urban history—the squat movement—when crusty punks were the new pioneers. Through her unforgettable protagonist Sidney, this is a steel-toed tale of urban survival for a generation too fucked up to fit into a post-Reagan, middle-class-free America, loaded with crappy part-time jobs and fleeting temp spots. This book should serve as a stark lesson for the Airbnb trustafarians who inhabit Williamsburg today—that just two short decades ago, their delightful playground was as much a dangerous frontier as the Old West. Instead of paying with cash, you paid with sweat equity and courage, only to come home one day and find the abandoned building that you made inhabitable was just sold out from under you."
Arthur Nersesian, author of Gladyss of the Hunt

"When I finished this novel I went, No! I couldn't believe it was over so fast. I loved this book—the first that captures the soulful mystery of what drives the global-nomadic, urban-punk, musician-artist-poet squatter underground movement, carving out its future in the dystopian cities that are already here. The book's heroine is one to die for."
V. Vale, RE/Search Publications

Sid arrives in New York City in 1995 eager to join the anarchist squatting scene. She's got a tattoo, she listens to the right why would she get a job and rent some tiny shoe-box apartment when she could take over a whole building with a gang of wild young pirates? But the Lower East Side is changing; there are no more empty buildings, the squats are cliquey and full.

Sid teams up with a musician from Mexico and together they find their way across the bridge to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Packs of wild dogs roam the waterfront and the rough building in which they finally find space is occupied by misfits who don't know anything about the Manhattan squatting scene, Food Not Bombs, Critical Mass, or hardcore punk. But this is Sid's chance and she's determined to make a home for herself—no matter what.

Wakefield spent years living in squatted buildings in Europe and New York and brings firsthand knowledge to Sid's story: how urban homesteaders lived without plumbing or electricity, how they managed their semilegal status, and what they cared about and fought for. With Sid, Wakefield has created a character who belongs to that world and is also entirely relatable. Sid is a resourceful, intrepid young woman with a wry sense of humor; she's great company on our journey into the lost world of New York City's recent past.

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