Silence of the Hams (Jane Jeffry, #7)

PDF-file by Jill Churchill

Silence of the Hams (Jane Jeffry, #7) PDF ebook download Pompous, pig-headed attorney Robert Stonecipher is a major pain in the ham hocks. So no one is terribly upset when he's fatally mashed by a falling rock of hams at the new deli where suburban single mom Jane Jeffry's son works part-time.

But when Stonecipher's most obnoxious employee meets an equally appropriate end, Jane knows the fat's really in the fire. And though her homicide detective honey Mel VanDyne disapproves, Jane is determined to dive headfirst into this deadly daze of swine and neuroses — and hunt a hog-wild murderer despite her own killer agenda as homemaker/PTA/church/community busyperson.

eBook Silence of the Hams (Jane Jeffry, #7)

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