A Lady of Secret Devotion (Ladies of Liberty, #3)

PDF-file by Tracie Peterson

A Lady of Secret Devotion (Ladies of Liberty, #3) PDF ebook download Wow. This was definitely my favorite in the Ladies of Liberty series! With the perfect amount of intrigue, romance, faith, and suspense, it quickly became a page-turner that I couldn't put down. I loved how the author actually came through with having the characters address the issues of their faith (or lack thereof), and was delighted when a twist in the story came unexpectedly (and with crucial timing!). I was glad that the plot did not drag where one might expect it to, and that the end wrapped up nicely without feeling too short. This was my first series by Tracie Peterson, but certainly won't be my last!

eBook A Lady of Secret Devotion (Ladies of Liberty, #3)

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