Flynn's World (Flynn, #4)

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Flynn's World (Flynn, #4) PDF ebook download From one of the world’s best-selling and most entertaining mystery writers comes a beguiling new novel starring the beloved Inspector Flynn.

Boston police inspector Francis Xavier Flynn is in for a tough day. He has hardly gotten a wink of sleep, due to a marathon bout of detective work. His daughter, Jenny, drags him to a cemetery, where her best friend is nailed to a tree by his ear. Unfortunately, the boy refuses to reveal who did it or why. Next, Flynn hears that his incompetent sidekick, Grover, has convinced the police chief to fire him—again.And then Flynn finds out that a local cop has developed a tendency to pursue and arrest the wrong people—based only on the color of their skin. Dealing with the infuriating, befuddled, and intolerant Boston police force is enough to keep him more than busy, but someone even more powerful than the chief of police wants Flynn to forget everything else and concentrate on discovering who is threatening a certain Harvard professor.

With startling wit, deft characterization, and insightful social commentary, Flynn’s World is a masterpiece of mystery and a complete joy to read.

eBook Flynn's World (Flynn, #4)

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