An Angels Ascent

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An Angels Ascent PDF ebook download What would you do if you had everything you dreamed of but love? You were content until one day your world was forever changed... Faellin Angel Hunter is not a normal young woman. She’s a witch who hunts demons. She doesn't know it yet but she’ll cause the apocalypse. All in the name of a goddess she is reincarnated from and possessed by. A metal rock band made up of vampires play worldwide trying to find the ONE. The lead singer Aries is a daywalking vampire with the voice of a siren... Who calls for one woman who has a sleeping goddess inside her. As Angel realizes who and what she is her world crumbles around her. As she ascends into a higher being the world will die away leaving only an island of people. She must learn to control the powers that are embedded in her DNA, her genetic makeup. Angel must become something not mortal, bring on the apocalypse, and save what is left of the human world. She must protect her tiny island as gates to alternate realities are broken and release other creatures. She’ll come to see she cannot do this alone… Angel and a misfit band of heroes will survive a pissed of goddess of nature, only to fight other worldly creatures some good some evil. Their adventures will span not only years but other worlds unlike their own.

eBook An Angels Ascent

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