Stopping Time

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Stopping Time PDF ebook download We are all getting older, but some of us seem to be doing it more gracefully than others. You have probably met people who seem old at age 50, as well as those who seem young at 85. While we must adhere to the ticking of the same chronological clock, in large measure we have the freedom to set our own biological clock—the one that determines our functional age and dictates the way we look and feel.

One of the most exciting things that has happened to medicine in the past twenty years has been the explosion in research related to understanding this biological clock. As a result, we now have not only a much better understanding of how and why we age, but we also have a greater ability to intervene in that process (and actually reverse it in some cases). Unfortunately, however, much of this understanding has come outside the bounds of conventional medicine and it is the so-called "alternative" treatments that often provide the most effective cures and remedies.

Stopping Time provides a comprehensive guide to these natural treatments for a wide range of health problems common in people over 40. Beginning with an overview of the four major types of natural healing—herbal medicine, nutrition supplements, acupressure, and homeopathy, Stopping Time explores the specific lifestyle factors—exercise, diet, weight control, and relaxation techniques—that can improve overall health. Finally, the book concludes with an extensive A-Z guide to natural remedies for common problems, making Stopping Time an essential addition to every library.

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