Intercepted by Love (Playing the Field Book 3)

PDF-file by Rachelle Ayala

Intercepted by Love (Playing the Field Book 3) PDF ebook download Cade and Andie’s love affair take a shocking turn when both of them have obligations to people from their past. Meanwhile, a rival is trying to get Cade kicked off the team, and Andie’s family situation takes a turn for the worse.

Cade is drawn into a scandal he has no control over, being accused of things he never thought possible. Meanwhile, a huge opportunity drops in Andie’s lap, but she ends up disappointing her family when lurid pictures of her go viral on the internet.

Just when their dreams are about to come true, a bombshell throws Cade’s game off. Will Cade and Andie regroup and trust in their love to carry them forward, or will all their hopes and dreams fade as surely as the colors in an old movie?

eBook Intercepted by Love (Playing the Field Book 3)

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