Born Again

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Born Again PDF ebook download Born Again Rena Marks Sara Michaels is a woman caught between two very different men. Mortal enemies. And she's having a hard time choosing just one of them. Beau Pierson. Blond, blue-eyed, tanned. A boy-toy to worship the ground she walks on. Aric Ishee. Dark-haired, green-eyed and sexy. A sultry promise that whispers in the night. How can she choose? It's never easy to have psychic visions and feelings. It's even worse if your past life starts to unravel, mixing with your present-day problems. A new boyfriend into the mix causes tension. A second boyfriend causes conflict. Just as in a previous lifetime, Sara must choose between the two, which will surely cause her death. Again. This time however, there's no chances left for reincarnation. And Sara's last life impacts this one. As Seraphina Samorra, she was caught between the same two men centuries ago. Can she relive the past without influencing the future? Can she change the future before it's too late? " Reader Advisory Note: Contains group sex scenes and a small amount of female/female contact."

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