Six Geese a' Slaying

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Sure, ’tis the season for peace on earth and good will to all, but for nineteen-year-old Tressa Jayne Turner, this year’s holiday season plays out more like the nightmare before Christmas—Calamity Jayne style. When her grandma’s nemesis, Abigail Winegardner, plans a living nativity, complete with a camel, Tressa’s competitive grandma won’t be outdone. Gammy is determined to create her own living—and molting—“Twelve Days of Christmas” pageant, but her aviary extravaganza is in jeopardy when the stars go missing, turning this holiday into a wild goose chase that’s bound to ruffle more than a few feathers. Will the plucky Tressa track down the missing cast before the curtain rises?

eBook Six Geese a' Slaying

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