Direct Response Fund Raising

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Direct Response Fund Raising PDF ebook download Nonprofits can boost donor and membership response rates with these exciting examples and tips guaranteed to reinvigorate direct mail campaignsThe success of a nonprofit direct mail program requires staying on top of recent trends in the field. These trends include appealing to aging baby boomers as well as tapping into powerful new databases, the Internet, CD-ROMs, diskettes, and videos. Dealing directly with new trends, this indispensable guide gives fundraisers, nonprofit managers, and volunteers an excellent understanding of how to plan bold and successful direct mail campaigns guaranteed to revitalize a fundraising program. Scores of examples reconnect readers with the latest in the medium. Features include: Real-life results related to response percentages, costs, and average dollar return CD-ROM with checklists to help organizations implement ideas and 30 fund-raising models searchable by theme, type, and subject matter

Michael Johnston (Toronto, Ontario) is President of Hewitt and Johnston Consultants, a full-service fundraising consulting firm. He has worked with a wide range of educational institutions and lectures on the Internet and in the nonprofit sector.

eBook Direct Response Fund Raising

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