The Visitors

PDF-file by Earl T. Roske

The Visitors PDF ebook download The Visitors: Eight Tales of Strange Encounters is a collection of short stories. The collection is over 24,000 words and is roughly equivalent to 75 pages.

The Visitors - Hawkcatcher is abducted by strange creatures that aren't who you might think they are, but neither is Hawkcatcher.

The Bargeman's Refund - Walter Smythe has died and gone into the afterlife. But there's a problem, and it's not just that he's an American.

Beware The Boogie Man - Mr. Weinder doesn't like visitors and treats them justly, until one night....

Bottled Up Wishes - Becareful what you wish for, because sometimes you just might get more.

The Dark Side Of The Mirror - Laura Brickle wishes her life was different. Oops.

Valhalla, Inc. - Thel, the viking, questions his existence and finds out more than any viking could ever wish to know.

Weirdos - Randy just wants to be left alone. He makes a deal with the Weirdo, but everythig has a catch.

The Trial - Michael visits his grandmother and once again has to face her stone-face jury.

eBook The Visitors

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