Stairway to Heaven

PDF-file by Laurie Hanan

Stairway to Heaven PDF ebook download The Hawaiian islands are experiencing their worst drought in recorded history. Wildfires burn out of control across the state. When firefighters discover a badly charred body on a steep mountain ridge, wearing swim fins and a diving mask, it sounds like the stuff of urban legends.
The body is identified as a man on Louise’s postal route and she wonders if a mysterious package she delivered to him could hold the key to his death. Louise learns what was in the package and why everyone wants it, but is sworn to secrecy. One deception leads to another as Louise hides the truth to protect the innocent, and the not-so-innocent.
A nineteen-year-old boy is suspected of murder, but Emmeline can’t believe it. The two teenagers run away on a stolen sailboat.
A hurricane forming in the Pacific could be the answer to prayers for rain that would put out the destructive fires. As Louise races to find the missing sailboat, it becomes clear the approaching storm may not be the biggest threat to Emmeline’s safety.

eBook Stairway to Heaven

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