A Quiet Night In

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A Quiet Night In PDF ebook download A Quiet Night In, by Jill Murphy, is a story from The Large Family series.In this story it is Mr Large’s birthday.Mrs Large decides to prepare a meal and to send their children to bed.However, Mr Large is very tired, so he eats his dinner on the sofa.The children insist on being read a bedtime story.Both Mr Large and Mrs Large fall asleep whilst reading to them.At the end of the story the children tidy up and put themselves to bed.The first thing I noticed about this book was the pictures, which are both vibrant and detailed.They support the words of the story well.The actual telling of the story is entertaining; the repetitions of the children’s speech through the book would engage a class well and help to give impressions about their characters.Fundamentally though, the main thing which I liked about this story is the positive message at the end, encouraging children to look after their parents and when necessary be independent with doable tasks.I think this story would be ideal for key stage 1, particularly for younger groups.It could be used during PSHE to demonstrate positive behaviour and family values.

eBook A Quiet Night In

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