Wild Midnight (Wild Trilogy, #2) (Wild Trilogy, #2) (Silhouette Desire, #819)

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Wild Midnight (Wild Trilogy, #2) (Wild Trilogy, #2) (Silhouette Desire, #819) PDF ebook download Lacy Douglas's world was falling apart. Her life, and that of her child, was in danger, and she was forced to seek refuge with Johnny Midnight...the man who had taken her youthful innocence and given her a precious gift.

The greatest challenge of Midnight's life lay in his reunion with Lacy. Once she'd betrayed him and made him what he was today—a man incapable of love. Now Lacy's pleas for protection ignited passions he'd long ago forgotten—while her son's eyes brought about startling revelations....

eBook Wild Midnight (Wild Trilogy, #2) (Wild Trilogy, #2) (Silhouette Desire, #819)

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