Spanking Her Curves 2 (Spanking Her Curves, #2)

PDF-file by Alex Anders

Spanking Her Curves 2 (Spanking Her Curves, #2) PDF ebook download ‘SPANKING HER CURVES 2’ is the latest release from international bestselling author Alex Anders and is for those who love short stories where full-figured women, not only get their gorgeous guys, but get a little spanking on the side.

Danielle Jamison wasn't happy when her parents sent her to the family's dude ranch "for her own good". Owen Slade, the gorgeous young cowboy assigned to her, was unsure about it as well. He loved the feisty filly's luscious curves, but not her childish ways. And forced to give Danielle a good old-fashion spanking, the powerful cowboy ignites a lust between the two that changes their lives forever.

eBook Spanking Her Curves 2 (Spanking Her Curves, #2)

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