Beneath the Surface

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Beneath the Surface PDF ebook download “A wonderful and candid inside look into the life and mind of the greatest swimmer of all time.” —Joe Naber, 1976 Olympic ChampionJust in time for the 2012 Olympics—prepare to peek into the mind of a champion with this newly updated edition of Michael Phelps’ autobiography, Beneath the Surface.In this candid memoir, Phelps talks openly about his battle with attention deficit disorder, the trauma of his parents’ divorce, and the challenges that come with being thrust into the limelight. Readers worldwide will relive all the heart-stopping glory as Phelps completes his journey from the youngest man to ever set a world swimming record in 2001, to an Olympic powerhouse in 2008, and the most decorated Olympian in 2012. Athletes and fans alike will be fascinated by insights into Phelps’ training, mental preparation, and behind-the-scenes perspective on international athletic competitions. A chronicle of Phelps’ evolution from awkward teenager to media-savvy superstar, Beneath the Surface is a must-read for any sports fan.

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