From Untouchable to Dalit

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From Untouchable to Dalit PDF ebook download The essays in this collection are drawn from a number of sources, originally published over many years (it may even have been something like twenty years). This has the unfortunate side effect of making the book repetitive, since Zelliot repeats information necessary to create a foundation in a number of the essays. However, this is only a problem in a book on the topic, and since I read it over such a long period of time it may actually have improved my take-away. I only knew about Ambedkar from A Suitable Boy, and the Dalit movement from news headlines, and Zelliot's book certainly enriched my understanding of the social, political, and religious movement. I liked that she addressed not only the history of Ambedkar himself, but the contemporary cultural developments, such as Dalit poetry, have emerged. Given the book's date of publication and the fact that many of the essays predate it considerably, I do wonder how things have changed.

eBook From Untouchable to Dalit

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