Sweat & Seduction

PDF-file by Darragha Foster

Sweat & Seduction PDF ebook download Maggie Abbott believes everything should be accompanied by an orgasm. Paying the bills. Grocery shopping. Standing in line. Walking the damned treadmill.

Working out at the gym proves to be quite a thrill for her when a Djinn of Italian descent takes over as her personal trainer. Not that Adanto hasn’t already been in love with her for seven hundred years. How romantic can he make going to the gym? Can he win her heart as he works her booty? Will the odor of sweat and determination perfume their encounters or will he end up forever bound to a heavy piece of obsolete exercise equipment Maggie abhors?

In a time when magic lanterns are no longer strewn about for princes and thieves to find, and the Djinn race has all-but-disappeared from the world of humans, Maggie finds that all her wishes can come true—as long as she is on that blessed treadmill.

eBook Sweat & Seduction

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