Common Table

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Common Table PDF ebook download In their first book, Common Ground, Janice Marriott and Virginia Pawsey wrote about their very different gardens and lives. In this, their eagerly awaited second book, their wonderful, wise, witty and utterly human letters trace a seasonal journey through their very different kitchens - one in a small inner-city cottage, the other a rambling country kitchen on a busy working hill country farm.

Their friendship provides sustenance on many levels, as their skilful and complementary cooking and writing styles encompass details of everyday life that are both engaging and illuminating. Effortlessly, readers are invited to see how Janice and Virginia's respective kitchens have become a refuge from life's troubles as well as a wonderful, sustaining obsession. And each has provided a means by which family and friends are nurtured and nourished by two very wise women, through a challenging year which sees each forced to make significant and life-changing decisions.

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