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Who is the Holy Spirit? What does he do? How does he relate to God the Father? To Jesus? To the world? To the believer?

The answer to these questions has been progressively buried under years of church tradition and theology. This book is an attempt to redress the resulting imbalance.

Simon Ponsonby marshals the many scriptures that shed light on the Holy Spirit, as well as drawing on insights from the church fathers, the Reformers and more recent theologians.

He presents a dynamic picture of the One who is God with us, working in and through us, shaping us into the character of Christ and equipping us for the adventure of serving others.


"...mind-stretching, heart-warming and faith-challenging" David MacInnes

"Get ready to be inspired and challenged to go deeper with God." Amy Orr-Ewing

"Simon's logic is enviable, but for all that he is as passionate as someone in the first flush of charismatic enthusiasm." Ian Stackhouse

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