A Cat Named Mouse

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A Cat Named Mouse PDF ebook download This is a delightful children's book with big font, many pictures and an enjoyable read.The story does resolve around the basic theme as listed in the title: the miracle of answer prayer. Annie's cat goes missing, and he learns about prayer, faith and patience while she waits on Mouse to be rescued. Although the story was delightful, the book is not very polished and still needs quite a bit of work before it will be ready for prime time. In many places the grammar is incorrect, and the tenses switch back and forth. Although this story is written from the perspective of a child, it is still unacceptable to have improper grammar, as other kids are learning to read. I also felt that the quality of the pictures in the book needs a lot of improvement. I could tell that many of them were hand paper and pencil sketches that had been scanned in and placed in the book. The quality of the images look pixelated at some parts, and the contrast is so poor in some images that I could barely make out what I was looking at. Not sure how the author expects kids to respond to picture that they can barely see. I would have rather just left those images out entirely than including them. I would strongly recommend the author get a professional illustrator to draw this work, and make the images higher quality.Also, if this is intended to be a kids book, the ideal of course would be to have the pictures in color as that is what would draw kids to loving this book even more.Also, there were some copy edit problems, as several times the text repeated it self verbatim, as if someone had forgotten to delete the additional text. The last 3 chapters in this book really need to be combined into 1. It literally summarizes all the lessons learned throughout the book, and did not hold my attention, so I doubt that it would hold the attention of a little kid, as it repeats itself, and there is nothing new to add.Let the book speak for itself, there is little need to restate everything that Annie had already learned over 3 chapters.Trust the book to do its job.Overall delightful but the execution needs work.

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