God Loves Fun

PDF-file by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

God Loves Fun PDF ebook download This is the first SSRS book I've read and came away with a few beautiful phrases stuck in my mind - ".... you be a lump of love" (which translates to - it doesn't matter how the whole world behaves around you, you be a lump of love ... show unwavering love to those in your life regardless of their behavior towards you for people are like mirrors they reflect what you project).
Another one - "If you live your life based on feelings you will be forever unhappy" (which translates to - Stop acting based on your feelings whether good or bad for the feeling will pass but you will be stuck with the consequences of your actions taken during that passing phase).
And lastly - "God loves fun" (which means that our whole life is a "leela" a play ... very temporary very short .. we're meant to enjoy each and every second of our lives and radiate unwavering love to others. This is the best form of prayer).
The book is written in very simple prose, I had to look past the over-simplistic prose and focus on what was being said rather than how it was being said. The book radiates love and calm :-D
Read it!!

eBook God Loves Fun

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