Janet (Alpha, #4)

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Janet (Alpha, #4) PDF ebook download **This full-length novel is the fourth in a series about the alpha males, this one being Scott, but it has a happily ever after for him and Janet, the object of his obsession. Don’t worry kids, there’s no cliffhanger, so read on and enjoy!**


"You are mine. Deal with it."


A woman devoted to her career and her independence, Janet is self-sufficient and doesn’t need a man in her life. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want one. Every guy she dates is trash and doesn’t make her heart beat. She begins to question herself. What’s wrong with her? But then she runs into Scott. Her attraction bubbles to the surface but she pushes it away. There’s no way someone like him, a beautiful and successful Benedict, would be interested in her. She couldn’t be more wrong…


Scott immediately pursues Janet the moment he sees her and doesn’t let up. His only problem is his possessiveness and controlling nature. He wants her to belong to him, to be his exclusively. But Janet isn’t having it. After slamming the door in his face twice, and walking out on him at dinner, he realizes he has to back down and give her what she wants. If not, he’ll lose her. The longer they are together, the more crazed he becomes. He needs Janet to accept her fate. She’s his. She’s always been his.

eBook Janet (Alpha, #4)

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