Girls' Night Out (Visits to Petal, #2)

PDF-file by Lauren Dane

Girls' Night Out (Visits to Petal, #2) PDF ebook download Party time? Nobody does it better than the Murphys and the Chases.

Lily and Nathan’s wedding is just a few short weeks away, and the Murphys and Chases are doing their parties up right!

It’s Friday, and the women head to the Pumphouse to celebrate with cocktails, cake, and laughter. The men? They’re at the Tonk for beers, wings, and trash talk.

Throw in party games, penis hats, and crazy-eyed ex-fiancées, and it’s bound to be a night they’ll be talking about for a long, long time.

Warning: Fast-talking southern women cracking wise, and the men who love them.

eBook Girls' Night Out (Visits to Petal, #2)

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