The Extraordinary, Inspiring Leader

PDF-file by John H. Zenger

The Extraordinary, Inspiring Leader PDF ebook download Lead your teams to greatness with scientifically proven best leadership practices Two leading guides in one convenient ebook!

Basing their strategies on a potent mix of expert insight, comprehensive research, and vast experience, the leadership gurus of Zenger - Folkman provide what you need to take your leadership skills to the next level.

"The Extraordinary, Inspiring Leader" conveniently combines Zenger and Folkman's two most innovative books into a single package—so you can access their invaluable lessons anytime and anywhere. This comprehensive ebook package contains: "The Extraordinary Leader"

"This is a 'must read' for coaches, leaders, and those who develop them. The Extraordinary Leader . . . is destined to be a classic in our field." —Marshall Goldsmith, named by "Forbes" as one of five top executive coaches and by "The Wall Street Journal" as one of the "Top 10" executive educators

"The Extraordinary Leader" makes extensive use of scientific studies and hard data to demystify the concept of leadership. The authors analyzed more than 200,000 assessments describing 20,000 managers—by far the most expansive research ever conducted for a leadership book—to provide a broad and universal model for achieving exceptional results.

Fully updated to help you meet today's unique challenges, the second edition of this essential leadership guide includes: Current research on the psychology of leadership New information on leading in a global environment A breakthrough case study on measuring improved leadership behavior Studies revealing the importance of follow-through "The Inspiring Leader"

"The Inspiring Leader" reveals the authors' newest proprietary research on how top leaders inspire teams to greatness. It discusses the behaviors exhibited by the most successful leaders and includes advice on how to implement them. Drawing from statistically significant data and objective empirical evidence, the book shows how to: Establish a clear vision and direction Use the power of emotions Foster innovation and risk taking Encourage teamwork and collaboration Champion change

eBook The Extraordinary, Inspiring Leader

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