Free Amazons of Darkover

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Free Amazons of Darkover PDF ebook download Return with Marion Zimmer Bradley and the Friends of Darkover to the planet of the Bloody Sun, the world of Darkover, where powerful families gifted with rare mental powers of laran rule the land, where Terran technology is seen as the greatest evil, and survival often depends on a steady sword and quickness of wits. Here dwell the Free Amazons, who have set themselves apart from their male-ruled world, owing loyalty only to each other, living their lives as free citizens, equal to any man or woman, soldier or lord. The eighteen tales in this collection, including two by Marion Zimmer Bradley herself, tell the story of these Free Amazons, and are certain to enchant anyone who has fallen under the spell of the Amazon heroines of Thendara House and City of Sorcery.

On the Trail - Barbara Armistead
Tactics - Jane M.H. Bigelow
The Meeting - Nina Boal
Knives - Marion Zimmer Bradley
The Legend of Lady Bruna - Marion Zimmer Bradley
The Oath of the Comhi Letzii, Or "Order of the Renunciates" - Walter Breen
Her Own Blood - Margaret L. Carter
The Camel's Nose - Susan Holtzer
The Oath of the Free Amazons: Terra, Techno Period - Jaida n'ha Sandra
The Banshee - Sherry Kramer
A Different Kind of Courage - Mercedes R. Lackey
The Mother Quest - Diana L. Paxson
To Open a Door - P. Alexandra Riggs
Growing Pains - Susan M. Schwartz
Recruits - Maureen Shannon
Girls Will Be Girls - Patricia Shaw-Mathews
Cast Off Your Chains - Margaret Silvestri
This One Time - Joan Marie Verba
Child of the Heart - Elisabeth Waters
Midwife - Deborah J. Wheeler

eBook Free Amazons of Darkover

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