Of This Time, Of That Place And Other Stories

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Of This Time, Of That Place And Other Stories PDF ebook download I enjoyed all the short stories, although there is little plot to them; they are very character-driven. It provides more an insight into the time's attitudes and society rather than a story per se, but nonetheless there is a quiet intelligence to the writing that keeps you interested.

The stories are as follows:

1. Impediments
This first story stuck with me the longest. It is the story of a university undergraduate who shuns the attention of one of his classmates due to his religious background without really the other classmate noticing.

2. The Other Margaret:
A slightly rambling tale highlighting the attitudes towards racial minorities — Margaret is the main character's daughter, the other Margaret is the servant.

3. Notes on a Departure
This story has one of my favourite quotes from the whole book. It is also the story I think I understood the least, and had to reread. A teacher muses on how he becomes part of the town, growing older, as his environment (students) remain young.

4. The Lesson and the Secret:
Originally a chapter in a never completed novel, this is the story of a creative writing teacher faced with aristocratic students who want the recognition without the hard work. Quite amusing.

5. Of This Time, Of That Place
Honestly, I do not think the title story is the strongest of the lot. A university professor realizes one of his students is mentally ill, and this changes their relationship forever.

eBook Of This Time, Of That Place And Other Stories

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