A Topical Approach to Life-Span Development

PDF-file by John W. Santrock

A Topical Approach to Life-Span Development PDF ebook download John Santrock's "A Topical Approach to Life-Span Development" combines the most current research with a proven pedagogical system to provide instructors and students with the best-selling topically arranged introduction to lifespan development. Drawing on a who's who list of expert consultants in all areas of developmental psychology, Santrock once again provides a trusted, comprehensive, readable, and engaging survey of the field. Rich applications and examples from a range of areas such as parenting, health care, and education ensure that students will remain engaged with the material. Significant revisions for the 5th edition include updated discussions of health and well-being as well as expanded coverage of diversity, culture, and gender.

eBook A Topical Approach to Life-Span Development

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