Escaping My Story

PDF-file by Stephen Altrogge

Escaping My Story PDF ebook download Mark Weaver was obsessed with Jack Fillmore's "Agent X" spy/thriller novels. He read all the books, attended all the fan conferences, and dressed as "Agent X" on Halloween. That is, until he found himself caught in the middle of an Agent X novel. Through mysterious and unexplainable circumstances, Mark finds himself playing the role of "Agent X" in an international plot of mystery and suspense. He is called upon to thwart a villainous plot, overcome evil, and make sense of the topsy-turvy, cloak and dagger world into which he has been tossed.

His only advantage is that he knows the "Agent X" novels inside and out. With this knowledge, he may be able to stop tremendous evil from occurring before it's too late.

NOTE: In the tradition of Charles Dickens and Stephen King, this book is a serial novel. There will be approximately six additional episodes, which will then be compiled into one, finished book. Each episode will be free on the day it is released, then .99 cents afterwards.

eBook Escaping My Story

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