Bar Tricks (Tricks, #2)

PDF-file by N. Kuhn

Bar Tricks (Tricks, #2) PDF ebook download Bar Tricks by N. Kuhn features five short stories centered around hook-ups in bars.In Bar Jovi, a female bartender and a male patron secretly lust after each other. In The Club, a female bartender working at a cigar bar meets a hot actor.In Ryder's, a man helping out his brother's bar meets a feisty redhead. In Strip tease, a military man runs into his ex and gets a new memory for the road.In ex-drama, a female patron is "saved" from her cheating ex by the sexy bar owner.And in Bridal party, a bar owner finds out his best-friend's little sister is definitely grown up.

All the stories are quick erotic reads.I do love how N. Kuhn writes short interludes into little mini stories.

eBook Bar Tricks (Tricks, #2)

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