Underground Nova Scotia

PDF-file by Paul Erickson

Underground Nova Scotia PDF ebook download I liked how it explored common myths and knowledge about Nova Scotia's ancient history and explored how we know what we know, and how certain myths linger against all physical evidence to the contrary. With well-written accessible language for the lay moron like me. It also beefed up my knowledge of this place I call home. But it left me longing for much more - kind of a gateway drug I guess, which is probably its intent. What about those mastodons, and other non-human life here going back before the end of the last ice age (about 10,000 years ago)? While each essay was enjoyable, in addition to the archeology I'd have like more about what it tells us—-more of the history. But the book is a great intro to the topic, and an enjoyable read.

eBook Underground Nova Scotia

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