Search and Rescue

PDF-file by Kitti Bernetti

Search and Rescue PDF ebook download He saves lives, but can she save him from himself?

Gig Briggs is the Search and Rescue Officer you can rely on to save anybody from disaster. What he cannot do is save himself – harbouring a secret that has destroyed his ability to have a fulfilling relationship with a woman.

When he reluctantly walks into the consulting room of renowned sex therapist Desree Cain, he doesn’t believe she can help. However, Desree has secrets of her own, ones that are swiftly coming back to haunt her. She hasn’t told Gig why she had to run away from the city to hide in his New England community.

Can Desree get through to this hero’s damaged heart, and can he save her from the twisted individual hunting her down?

eBook Search and Rescue

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