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Maine PDF ebook download How Maine Has Changed But Remained Special Since My Birth Here Almost a Half-Century Ago (and what I have learned from Senator King, Senator Collins and others)

Excerpt from the introduction: "I had once written an article entitled “Maine: The Way Life Used to Be”. The article detailed how Maine, due to a vacuum condition created by economic difficulties, became prone to being influenced by outside factors (think people spending their money, and bringing their way of life with them, “from away”), with the result being that Maine became less unique and more homogenized, more like the rest of the country.

This wasn’t a value judgment. It was an observation of the changes I had seen over my lifetime."

Sample Chapter:

- Angus King (Now Senator King), Americans Elect and Eliot Cutler
Excerpt from the introduction: "When I returned to Maine in 2005, I first got into contact with (then termed) Governor King. Over the ensuing years, I received perhaps 500 personal, individual emails from him, spoke with him on the a few dozen times (with about half of the time him calling me) and met with him individually in person (I also met individually in person with Susan Collins, Mike Michaud and many more – I’ve spent my life trying to learn whatever I can from those on top (as well as those in the middle and those lower down as well – one expression I have tried to keep front and center is that “a wise man can learn even from a fool” – I believe personally that life is one big learning experience, all of the time))."

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