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Brand New PDF ebook download "Brand New's" revolutionary innovation process is a proven road map you can put to work "immediately" to create successful new products, services, and business models. Written by leading innovation practitioners, and the coauthor of the bestseller "Customers for Life," the authors of this tightly focused, highly entertaining book have nailed the issue perfectly when it comes to successfully introducing anything new.Research shows people like new products and services. Indeed they go out of their way to try to find them. Yet companies are truly terrible at providing new products and services that meet these customers' needs.

Why are companies so bad at giving customers what they want? Because they lack a simple proven process that makes sure innovation occurs efficiently time after time.

No one knows this better than Mike Maddock and his team at Maddock Douglas, the Agency of Innovation, (TM) which has worked closely with more than a quarter of "Fortune 100."

To solve the innovation paradox, Maddock explains the process his team has used to help the world's best companies and shows you how toFind needs and opportunity in the marketplaceCome up with significant market insightsCreate compelling communication (using the actual words your customers use) to convince people to try your new creation

What has worked for some of the world's most successful companies, when it comes to innovation, will work for you. Start putting the lessons of "Brand New" to work for you...before the competition does.

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