21st Century Entrepreneur

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21st Century Entrepreneur PDF ebook download As Successful Entrepreneur David Wood said, "Wealth is a choice." The choice is yours to make.

The World Of Ecommerce Is Ripe For Your Taking. Tap This Global Ecommerce Industry, Equip Yourself With The Knowledge That Can Augment Or Refine Your Business Acumen And Transform Yourself Into A 21st Century Entrepreneur!

This book is for:

• Small Business Founders
• Novice Entrepreneurs and Wantrepreneurs
• Freelancers and College students
• To All of Those Who Are Tired of 9-5!

In This Book You'll Learn.....

• How to be The 21st Century Entrepreneur

• How to Materialize Your Idea

• How to PROPERLYOutsource Your Product

• How to Price Your Product or Service

• How to Promote and Advertise

• How to do Market Research
and much more......

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"The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity."
Peter Drucker

eBook 21st Century Entrepreneur

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