Witches of Wonderland

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Witches of Wonderland PDF ebook download In Book Two of The Rainbow Forest series the reader is taken to a darker Wonderland where a crippled Queen Margret has taken the throne. Gretel has fallen in love with a girl named Alice, who is forced to live under the sea. Alex is heartbroken over the loss of Zandur and quickly regains his confidence thanks to a handsome pirate named Sinbad. The next chapter in this exciting thrill ride of twisted fairy tales introduces us to a cascade of characters including a cross-dressing Mad Hatter and a double-crossing rabbit. Meet a sassy female pirate with a lust for more than gold and a vengeful Queen of Broken Hearts. There is a wicked fairy by the name of Peter Pan, and an enchanting wish genie known as Aladina; just to name a few. Witches of Wonderland continues with many of the characters introduced in 'Once Upon A Wolf' and takes them on new adventures, both dark and dangerous, all in the name of love.

eBook Witches of Wonderland

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