American Culture in the 1960s (Twentieth-Century American Culture

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American Culture in the 1960s (Twentieth-Century American Culture PDF ebook download

This book provides a vivid account of the major cultural forms of 1960s America — fiction and poetry; music and performance; film and television; art and photography — as well as influential texts, trends and figures of the decade: from the Civil Rights Movement to the rise of George Wallace and Barry Goldwater, from John F. Kennedy's speeches to Dick Gregory's stand-up comedy, from Bob Dylan to Sylvia Plath, and from pop art to protests against the Vietnam War. A focused chapter on new social movements demonstrates that a current of conservatism runs through even the most revolutionary movements of the 1960s.

Key Features:

Focused case studies featuring key texts, genres, writers, artists and cultural trends

Detailed chronology of 1960s American culture

Bibliographies for each chapter

10 black and white illustrations


eBook American Culture in the 1960s (Twentieth-Century American Culture

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