Superhuman Smoothies (SuperHuman Drinks Series Book 2)

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Learn How To Make Awesome Smoothies Which Can Help You Lose Weight, Burn Fat, Detox Your Body Feel Good And Have Energy For The Whole Day!
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If you start reading about healthy lifestyle you can easily come to the conclusion that health foods can be very boring. Grilled chicken with brown rice, a bunch of vegetables, oatmeals and so on..What if I told you that you can achieve your body goals while drinking yummy smoothies which can help you to burn fat, build muscle, strenghten your immune system, detox your body, have exploding energy and feel awesome for the whole day..? Well, I got recipes for you! If you want to feel like a superhero, try them!
Just a Taste...
The Benefits Of Smoothies Red Lemon Sherbet Shake Luscious Mango Smoothie Refreshing Green Smoothie for Power-Up Banana, Apple And Chia Smoothie Matcha And Flax Seed Energizer Milk ShakeThe Red Elixir Raspberry Tea Blend Much, much more!
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