The Fib and Other Stories

PDF-file by George Layton

The Fib and Other Stories PDF ebook download I loved these stories as a kid, and they're still great now (25 years later for me), though some of the language and themes have dated somewhat ('blooming heck!', talk of teddy boys and so on). What I really loved about these stories as a kid was the way they tackled social topics that were so important to me at the time - playground politics, being crap at football, being bullied, first feelings about girls and so on, while also giving me a first person insight into life as a kid without a Dad. Yet there's no overly worth tone, they're just brilliant kids' stories, and there are a few bits I only really understood during an adult reread too. I'm now looking forward to the day that I can start reading these stories to my own child.

eBook The Fib and Other Stories

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