Adventures in Fetishland - a full length erotic novel

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Adventures in Fetishland - a full length erotic novel PDF ebook download "This is a powerful read, and one that demands you submit yourself to the power of the tale. Intensely erotic, it challenges you to control your arousal, to read just one more chapter before submitting to your own physical needs. Intelligent and imaginative, it also challenges you to imagine how Wonderland's fetish transformation will manifest itself next, while managing to surprise and delight at every turn. It is exceedingly rare to find a story that so expertly manages to arouse, entertain, and engage the reader, but Slave Nano has crafted that perfect reading experience." - Bending The Bookshelf review

In this BDSM reinterpretation of the Alice stories Kim’s life takes an unexpected twist when she is taken from the massage parlour she works and introduced to a fetish fantasy world, ruled over by the Red Queen, a powerful dominatrix. There, an intense psychological drama is played out between the two women as Kim enters a journey into submission.

The Red Queen assumes different characters who torment Kim in a series of trials ranging from the funny and strange to the sadistic and erotic.Kim is lured deeper into this world by hints the Red Queen knows something about her past.Why has she been chosen to serve this powerful female?Why is the Red Queen so interested in her?When Kim finally finds out the truth, it is shocking and bizarre.

eBook Adventures in Fetishland - a full length erotic novel

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