Buried Treasure

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Buried Treasure PDF ebook download "Buried Treasure" uncovers the most well-hidden or long-forgotten music albums from the people who know music best. Musicians, actors, producers, and pop culture icons all contribute their favorite albums of all time to create an eclectic, exciting collection of all genres and decades of music. With an emphasis on inclusion rather than accidental exclusion, "Buried Treasure" combines all tastes of music in one place for a book that truly has something for everyone. Whether the reader is a music aficionado or a clueless pastime listener, the recommendations and insight into music and the music industry span audiences. More than just a reference book, "Buried Treasure" will explore each album recommendation as well as the background of the recommender. Even if the album is not familiar to the reader, the recommender may be and vice versa. Meant for all levels of music knowledge, "Buried Treasure" explores the overlooked, forgotten and uncrowned classic albums that have come to be favourites of contemporary pop culture icons.

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