Titanic 1912

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Titanic 1912 PDF ebook download The original news stories of the hours, days and weeks following the sinking of the RMS Titanic!
Interviews with survivors, testimony of the crew at the U. S. Senate hearings held just 3 days the ship sank, revealed the ship had been on fire since it left port in Southampton.
How did the newspapers get the story very wrong from the beginning? They reported that the passengers had all been saved and the ship was under tow to Halifax when indeed the ship had sunk and two thirds of those on board lost their lives.
Who were the heroes of the Titanic?
What was the role of the wireless in the rescue?
How has today's media managed to get the story wrong?
This look back at the 1912 news stories by a 21st century reporter brings out how much of the original stories were correct, after the first big errors of the first reports.

eBook Titanic 1912

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