The Song of the Axe (The Pelbar Cycle, #6)

PDF-file by Paul O. Williams

The Song of the Axe (The Pelbar Cycle, #6) PDF ebook download Twenty years after the great battle at Northwall, the disparate warring tribes are moving toward a peaceful unity for the first time since before the Time of the Fire. With the comfort of peace, the running bands of nomadic Shumai Axemen are settling down and forgoing their traditional ways. So Tor, last of the great Shumai Axemen, takes his nephew Tristal on a last run to teach the boy the Way of the Axeman. But Tristal will have to survive deadly encounters, endure a seductive captivity, and even suffer enslavement before he learns that there is more to the Axeman's skill than just a sound arm and a handy opponent.
The Song of the Axe is the sixth book in the classic series of postapocalyptic novels about the people of Pelbar. Paul O. Williams's fascinating and optimistic vision of an America long after a series of cataclysmic events has enthralled readers for decades.

eBook The Song of the Axe (The Pelbar Cycle, #6)

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