Touch of Trouble (Touch, #4)

PDF-file by Cara Dee

Touch of Trouble (Touch, #4) PDF ebook download After finding her perfect match both in life and in the lifestyle, Kayla Brandon feels like she’s finally ready for her future to begin. But first Nicholas insists she make peace with the ghosts of her past: namely, her family. Ugh.

But give a Little a big task and she can pull it off. Whether it’s redesigning Switch, Nicholas’s BDSM club, or playing matchmaker for their friends, Kayla’s up to the challenge.

Kayla tries really, really hard to stay out of trouble. But sometimes it just finds her!

Word count: about 25 000

Warning: This story contains scenes of an explicit, erotic nature and is intended for adults, 18+. Characters portrayed are 18 or older. BDSM, DD/LG (Daddy/Little Girl)

eBook Touch of Trouble (Touch, #4)

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