Death by Betrayal (Caribbean Murder, #10)

PDF-file by Jaden Skye

Death by Betrayal (Caribbean Murder, #10) PDF ebook download DEATH BY BETRAYAL is Book #10 in the #1 Bestselling Caribbean Murder series, which begins with DEATH BY HONEYMOON (Book #1)—a FREE download on Amazon!

Cindy and Mattheus part ways, and while he stays in the Caribbean to protect his daughter and her mother, she returns home. Cindy’s sister, Ann, meets her at the airport to welcome her back to this new chapter of her life.

Cindy starts to settle back in, to meet old friends and make plans to take on a new job—when a shocking call suddenly comes. It is a call Cindy never could have expected in her wildest dreams, a call that rips her world apart. Someone close to her—too close—has been found murdered in Bermuda.

Cindy has no choice but to get on the next plane to Bermuda and hunt for the killer. Before long, Cindy finds herself enmeshed in an underworld of big business and crime. Beside herself, hitting dead ends, Cindy is forced to call Mattheus to help.

Once again, their stormy relationship deepens and takes a new turn, as they plunge into solving this crime together. But it all may be too late….

eBook Death by Betrayal (Caribbean Murder, #10)

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