Emotional Bullshit

PDF-file by Carl Alasko

Emotional Bullshit PDF ebook download In this breakthrough book Dr. Carl Alasko takes apart the emotional stealth disease that destroys trust and happiness in every area of life: dating, marriage, parenting, friendship and work. Nothing is exempt from this hidden plague, including your financial security.

This stealth disease is actually made up of three common psychological dynamics: the Toxic Trio of Denial, Delusion and Blame. Emotional Bullshit emerges when we use these three dynamics together to:

* deny, manipulate and distort essential facts
* substitute a delusional and false reality, and then
* blame someone or something when things fall apart.

Dr. Alasko provides a revolutionary way to eliminate Emotional BS from your life, markedly improving all of your relationships.

Based on twenty five years of clinical experience, Dr. Alasko leads you through a simple-to-understand and proven way to ban Emotional BS and significantly increase your happiness and fulfillment.

eBook Emotional Bullshit

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