Pasta (Sheila Lukins Short eCookbooks)

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Pasta (Sheila Lukins Short eCookbooks) PDF ebook download For over twenty years, PARADE food editor, writer, and chef Sheila Lukins has inspired would-be chefs across the country with her accessible and easy-to-prepare Simply Delicious recipes. This e-cookbook is a compilation of Sheila’s favorite chicken recipes from her time at PARADE, written with the busy home cook in mind.

In addition to dozens of creative and succulent chicken recipes, this book provides an easy tutorial on how to roast the perfect chicken and carve poultry at the table. Readers get plenty of delicious and fun ideas for jazzing up a weeknight chicken dinner or creating the perfect special-occasion meal—that are sure to delight the entire family.

eBook Pasta (Sheila Lukins Short eCookbooks)

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